As consulting professionals, we focus on our clients' most critical challenges and opportunities.

Our clients value our ability to fully and quickly immerse ourselves in their issues and provide effective and practical recommendations. We work collaboratively with our clients and bring a holistic approach, pan-university perspective, and value-added expertise in the following service areas:


We work with our clients to develop strategies for addressing challenges and seizing opportunities. Our tailor-made approach helps clients develop strategic position and achieve competitive advantages and transformational changes.

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Strategic and Operational Planning

We work with our clients to develop actionable, measurable, and effective strategic and operational plans. We also facilitate strategic and operational planning processes for creation of the plans and work with our clients to ensure they have the right performance metrics in place, in operational and strategic contexts.

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Business Process Improvement

We help our clients improve their operational effectiveness through developing, streamlining and redesigning the processes.

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Strategic Management

In collaboration with the broader Provost Office team, we collectively lead the coordination and execution of calls for proposals aimed to  advance the targeted strategies and initiatives underpinning UBC’s strategic plan- Shaping UBC’s Next Century. We work with units to support traction and viability of the transition from pilot stage to implementation, connecting successful pilot projects with other SDS services to scale up and move into implementation readiness.

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Decision Support

We work with our clients to assess the feasibility of new ideas by considering market conditions, the competitive environment, stakeholder expectations, infrastructure, process requirements, organizational structure, managerial requirements and financial investments and returns.  We provide expertise in the development of models  to support evidence-based decision-making.

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Financial Planning and Sustainability

We help our clients identify potential revenue and cost containment opportunities, and help formulate plans for financial sustainability.

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